Others! Announces 2010 Logo Design Competition

Others!  Announces 2010 Logo Design Competition

Winning Graphic Designer to Earn $250 plus Gift Cards

Portland, Maine — Others! is seeking a new logo.

The Others! 2010 Logo Design Competition is underway!  Area graphic designers are invited to submit one or more logo designs for a chance to be seen all over town!

The Competition’s objective is to design a new logo for Others!, the Downtown Portland fair trade coffeehouse.  Others! hopes, through its Competition, to call attention to some of the area’s graphic design talent.  The fair trade coffeehouse and roasting company, with an “!” in its name, is offering graphic designers a chance to design a logo that will be seen throughout the community.   All entrants will receive Others! gift cards along with an opportunity to display their design downtown. The artist whose design is chosen will also receive a $250 cash award. Logo submissions will be on display at the Monument Square coffeehouse for public comment and voting from March 5th through the 19th.  While the deadline for entry is March 12,  Others! encourages entrants to submit prior to March 5, to be included for the March ‘First Friday Art Walk.’

In addition to fair trade coffee, Others! is known for its artisan gelato, Italian ice cream home made fresh in the store!

“Since we opened more than four years ago, customers have been raving about the gelato that we craft here in Downtown Portland. We’ve never advertised. It’s been word of mouth and a well kept secret. We’ve done a pretty good job of controlling crowds and remaining under the radar screen of the average local ice cream lover.   Recently, however, one of Portland’s best known newspapers blew our cover with a nomination in their “Best Ice Cream Parlour” category.   Now that the secret is getting out, we decided to ramp things up, with knowledge that life will never again be the same,” explained Others! founder Brad McCurtain.   “Part of this rollout means a new logo that will work its way around Portland as the weather warms up.”

Others! 2010 Logo Design Competition is open to all graphic designers —including students. The coffee and gelato maker hopes that local graphic designers will see the Competition as an opportunity to showcase some of the graphics and design creativity that lives here in our community.

“Portland is knee-deep with incredible graphic design talent.  Much of that creativity lies inside the heads of individuals who work on their own, often times using coffee shops as their offices and using social media as their primary means of self-promotion/marketing,” explained McCurtain.  “It’s a challenging economy.  We felt this could serve as an opportunity to help put some local talent on display for the city and the business community to see. This seemed like a novel way for a small business, like ours, to do something.”

Others! introduced gelato to Portland in 2005.  The Monument Square coffeehouse is best known for its fair trade/organic coffee, roasted in-house along with its social and sustainable business practices.  The business actively composts, recycles, and also shares its profits with non-profit organizations.  McCurtain, one of a new breed of Social Entrepreneurs who also heads a local investment company, corresponds regularly with and travels to Third World countries.  He and Others! work directly with and assist small coffee farmers and women’s groups in Central America and in Africa.

The winning logo selection will be awarded based upon creativity and functionality that best portray Others! mission, which is helping others through social entrepreneurism.  Professional graphic designers along with area students are all encouraged to submit one or more logo designs in accordance with the Competition’s Rules.  There is no cost to enter the Design Competition and designers may submit multiple logo designs in the Competition.

Deadline for submission for the Competition is Friday, March 12.  The fair trade coffeehouse plans to display early entries at the March 5 First Friday Art Walk.   Graphic designers are encouraged to attend a briefing on Friday evening, February 26 @ 5 PM at Others! Monument Square coffeehouse.  A full set of rules is available at www.OthersCoffee.wordpress.com

Every designer who submits one or more logos in accordance with the Competition’s Rules will receive a gift card from Others!   And, if Others! adopts the logo as its logo, the winning graphics designer will also receive $250.


Contact: Brad McCurtain                                                                              For Immediate Release


15 Monument Square

Portland, ME  04101

Tel. 207.874.7411

Email:  brad@mainesec.com




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Others! Logo Contest Full Details and Submission Guidelines

Others! Fair Trade Coffee…Logo Design Competition

15 Monument Square–Portland, ME 04101—207.874.7411

Others! is a fair trade coffeehouse in Downtown Portland, Maine. The company’s mission is its name: Others!, helping others through a business model of social entrepreneurism. All coffee and tea are fair trade/organic.  Profits are shared with non-profit organizations.  The coffee is fresh- roasted on-site.  Others! also crafts and sells artisan gelato.  The company follows a sustainable business model by composting, recycling, through energy efficiencies.

We wish to create a new logo to help build our identity.  The logo will be used in the company’s advertising/marketing, on our web site, and on social media sites.  The logo will likely be displayed at local non-profit events in which Others! takes part.   It will likely also be used on branding items such as  t-shirts, coffee mugs, pins, stickers, etc.

Others! invites all graphics designers—whether professional or student– to submit one or more entries in the Others! 2010 Design Competition.

  1. Competition is open to any graphics designer.  Graphics design students are encouraged to participate.
  2. Each entrant who submits and meets all submission requirements will receive a $10 gift card from Others! Entrants are encouraged  to submit multiple logos.  However, only one gift card per entrant.
  3. Top five finalists will receive an additional $25 gift card from Others!
  4. Finalists should expect to modify their submissions in accordance with critiquing requests from Others!
  5. Winning logo entrant receives all of above, plus $250 Cash Award
  6. All entries must be submitted in both high resolution jpeg and Adobe Photoshop (.psd) format. Please see #7-10.
  7. 1 x High res Tif for professional printing
    1 x JPG in grayscale for trademark registration purposes
    3 x JPG in RGB in 3 sizes (Normal, medium and small) for home/office printing or web use
    1 x  transparent PSD for professional web design use
    1 x vector based .eps file (This is this fully editable master file) for professional printing and
    design work
  8. JPEGs should be submitted in a minimum of 600-1,200 DPI
  9. Entrants should submit RGB Color format with Pantone PMS color numbers for each color used.
  10. Dimensions of above:  should allow for printing an 8” x 10” poster to display at Others! during Poster Competition
  11. All entries and subsequent modifications to such become the exclusive, royalty- free property of Others! upon submission.  Copyrights, if any, and all rights for submitted work (and any revisions) shall be disclosed and shall endure to Others!
  12. Logos can be submitted any time up until 11:59 PM EST Friday, March 12, 2010.  Those logos submitted prior to Friday, March 5 will also be eligible to be displayed at Others! during the First Friday Art walk.
  13. Others!, in its sole discretion, may elect to reject all entries, and pursue other design alternatives, in which case the $250 cash prize will not be awarded.
  14. Others!, in its sole discretion, may extend the above deadlines.
  15. All interested designers are invited to attend a Q&A @ Others! 15 Monument Square, Portland, on Monday, February 22 @ 5 PM.
  16. Questions and submissions should be submitted to brad@mainesec.com Please be sure to include name and contact information, including address with each submission along with that statement, “I agree to and agree to be bound by all terms of the Others! 2010 Logo Design Competition”

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